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Dental cleanings are very important and it is recommended that you schedule an appointment twice a year. These dental visits will help eliminate plaque and will help you maintain a beautiful and healthy smile so they will play a very big role when it comes to your oral health. 

Some people wonder why they have to attend dental cleanings so often and if you find yourself asking this question, you have to understand that brushing and flossing at home are not always enough to prevent dental problems. The bristles on your toothbrush cannot always penetrate every area and food debris will form on your teeth which you may not be able to remove. This layer is called plaque and will harden over time which will provide an excellent breeding environment for bacteria. This type of bacteria will use sugars from the plaque to attack the gums and jawbone and the tissues that support your teeth in their sockets. 

You may then experience gingivitis which will result in bleeding, swollen and tender gums and this infection will travel to the underlying bone and tooth-supporting tissues and will develop into periodontal disease. This will lead to teeth that are loose in their sockets because of damage to the bone tissue and this problem is severe so you need to avoid this cycle and regular dental cleanings will help prevent this situation. 

In addition to the prevention of serious diseases and infections, regular dental cleanings will also provide you with a number of other benefits including fresh breath and the removal of stains. A poor oral hygiene routine will lead to bad breath, known as halitosis, but dental cleanings will help you fight this condition and will help you maintain fresh breath. These cleanings will also help remove stains so if you drink lots of tea or coffee, your dentist will help you get rid of these stains and will ensure optimal health of your gums and teeth. During every checkup, your dentist will also complete a thorough examination of your oral cavity to detect any underlying problems and provide you with treatment. If any cavities are detected, your dentist will restore the affected tooth to prevent the damage from progressing or damaging any neighbouring teeth. 

During your dental cleaning appointments, a hygienist will go over your medical and dental history and will also evaluate the health of your gums. They will then remove plaque from your teeth using a specialty device and a polish and fluoride will also be used to keep your teeth smooth and strong. 

Your oral health will impact your overall health so you need to schedule dental cleanings and the frequency of these appointments will depend on the condition of your mouth and your oral health status. Dentistry in Newmarket will assess your teeth and gums and will provide you with a professional recommendation because we care about our patients and our goal is to provide everyone with a bright and beautiful smile so contact us today to schedule an appointment!