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An emergency dentist focuses on treating patients with urgent or unexpected dental issues outside normal business times. Here are some key ways an emergency dentist differs from a general dentist:


An emergency dentist operates after hours, on weekends, and even holidays to accommodate patients requiring immediate care. They understand that dental emergencies do not follow a 9-5 schedule. Issues like cracked teeth, severe infections, or lost fillings often arise when general dental offices are closed. By offering extended hours, an emergency dentist ensures those in pain or discomfort have prompt access to a dental professional. If a problem flares up when the general office is shut, patients have no choice but to wait until the next business day to be seen, suffering uncomfortably in the interim. An emergency dentist fills this important gap. 

Wait Times

Since emergency cases take top priority, you will only have short wait times to see an emergency dentist. Upon arrival at their after-hours practice, patients reporting immediate dental concerns like an abscess or lost filling will be evaluated swiftly by the dentist or hygienist. Diagnosis and initial treatment can begin without delay. 

By contrast, general dental offices may have wait times when scheduling regular appointments. Checkups and cleanings are usually booked weeks in advance. Patients may have to schedule further out for less pressing complaints that don’t necessitate prompt attention. While still important, these routine visits are a lower priority than true dental emergencies. The emergency dentist ensures those in acute pain are fast-tracked for relief.

Scope of Practice

Emergency dentists are equipped to perform common acute procedures like tooth extractions, root canals, temporary fillings or crowns, and antibiotics or pain medication prescriptions. Their goal is short-term stabilization until the patient’s regular dentist can resume comprehensive care. 

More involved or long-term treatments still require follow-up with your nominated general dentist. However, for many emergencies, addressing the immediate issue, like an infection, lost filling, or fractured tooth, alleviates discomfort until the next in-office appointment. General dentists can handle routine maintenance visits and urgent matters—as long as they fall within business hours. After hours, the emergency dentist specializes in unforeseen problems.


While costs may be comparable between general dentists and emergency practices in the long run, emergency dental visits typically require upfront payment until insurance can be verified. This is because urgent issues manifest after regular business hours when insurance cannot be readily confirmed. Emergency dental offices aim to treat first and sort out financial details second, so prompt relief is prioritized over paperwork.

General dentists can verify coverage and copays during standard operational schedules. Scheduled appointments allow time to confirm benefits and collect deductibles ahead of treatment. But out-of-pocket rates for common emergency procedures like temporary fillings or extractions are on par whether performed by an emergency dentist versus a generalist. Reimbursement also comes through eventually in either case.

Follow Up Care

An emergency dentist’s role is to temporarily relieve immediate signs and symptoms rather than to provide comprehensive resolution. After assessing the problem and providing temporary measures like a space maintainer or pain medication, the emergency dentist will advise you to make a follow-up appointment with your usual general dentist. 

Continued treatment requires the skills and knowledge of the dentist most familiar with your complete oral and dental history and a long-term treatment plan. They can perform permanent repairs, replace temporary fillings with composite bonds, or complete root canals started in an emergency. Your general dentist oversees all routine preventative care and maintenance between urgent incidents.

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