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General Dentistry in Newmarket

Whether you’re looking for a cleaning or a filling, our dental team in Newmarket can provide you with general dental services. Book an appointment with our team today!

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We can help you achieve a healthy smile!

We offer a wide range of dental services in the Newmarket community to ensure we meet your oral health needs. 

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Bridges & Crowns

Our Newmarket dentists may recommend a dental crown or bridge to help strengthen a damaged tooth or to replace a missing tooth and repair your smile. Learn More »


Dentures are removable appliances that are constructed to replace missing teeth and the surrounding gum tissue. Learn More »

Extractions & Root Canals

Our dentists at Dentistry in Newmarket may recommend an extraction if you have a tooth infection that is causing you pain, discomfort or is damaging the bone. Learn More »


At Dentistry in Newmarket, our dentists apply dental fillings as a treatment to restore damaged and decayed teeth. Learn More »

Preventive Hygiene

At Dentistry in Newmarket, your smile is our top priority! Regular teeth cleanings and oral checkups, in combination with brushing and flossing daily are essential for maintaining your oral health. Learn More »

Newmarket Dentist


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