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Mouthguards are an effective way of protecting your teeth from injury which can occur as a result of teeth grinding during sports or while you sleep. They are coverings that are worn over your teeth and there are three types of mouthguards you can choose from, including the following:

Stock Mouth Protectors
These mouthguards are pre-formed so they come ready to wear. They can be purchased at sporting goods stores and most department stores, and are usually inexpensive. Most dentists do not recommend the use of this particular mouthguard because you cannot adjust their fit. Additionally, because they tend to be bulky, it makes both breathing and talking very difficult and dentists also find that they offer very little protection.

Boil And Bite Mouth Protectors
These mouthguards can also be purchased at most sporting goods stores and offer a better fit than stock mouth protectors because they are made from thermoplastic material and can be shaped around your teeth. You must place this mouthguard in hot water to soften it and then place it in your mouth to shape it around your teeth using a finger and tongue pressure.

Custom Mouth Protectors
These mouthguards are fitted to your mouth specifically so they are the most effective type and are individually designed for each patient. They are made in a dental office or a professional lab and your dentist will start by making an impression of your teeth so that the mouthguard can be molded over the model through the use of a special material. This option is more expensive than the other mouthguards because special materials are required and there is a lot more time and work involved in the process. While the costs are higher, they can provide the most comfort and protection.

Most mouthguards cover only the upper teeth but your dentist can make a mouthguard for your bottom teeth as well if your situation calls for it. In order for a mouthguard to be effective, it must be comfortable, durable, tear-resistant and easy to clean. Additionally, it should not affect or restrict your breathing or talking abilities, so keep these aspects in mind.

Mouthguards can be worn by anyone, including children, and are ideal for those who play contact sports. Patients who participate in non-contact sports can also benefit from the use of a mouthguard because even though the chances are lower, there is still a risk of a mouth injury. Patients who grind their teeth at night should also use a mouthguard as it can help prevent tooth damage.

If you need a night guard or a sports guard, Dentistry in Newmarket can discuss the different options that are available. Our experienced team of dentists can take care of all of your family’s dental needs, so if you want to work with a reputable dentist, give our office a call today!