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A visual examination does not always tell the dentist what they need to know and this is why they turn to x-rays, which can provide them with additional information regarding your oral health. X-rays help dentists to accurately diagnose and detect issues early on so that they can treat dental problems before they become serious. For these reasons, x-rays are very important and should be part of your routine examinations. Even if your dentist does not find any cavities or growth issues after reviewing the images, you will have peace of mind knowing they checked every aspect and that your oral health is in order.

Dentists rely on x-rays because it provides them with the ability to see between and inside your teeth. This is something they cannot do by simply looking into your mouth, which is why it is such a valuable tool. They will also be able to view the bone underneath your gums and the tip of your roots, which are areas that the naked eye normally cannot see. Dentists use x-rays to detect dental diseases and they can also diagnose other specific or isolated dental problems the patient may be experiencing. Additionally, these images will help them see whether or not the patient has any cavities and will show them the extent of the decay. Dental appointments and x-rays are very important because your oral health will impact your wellbeing and serious issues like cysts, abscesses and other problems can be diagnosed. Both the presence and extent of bone loss caused by periodontal disease can easily be seen through dental x-rays, so they are a must and important for several reasons.

X-rays may not be required at every appointment and your dentist will recommend a schedule based on the condition of your oral health and its needs. Every patient is different and their health will vary, so your dentist will proceed accordingly and will schedule x-rays based on how often they feel they need to monitor the status of your oral health. Patients who continue to attend their regular checkups will generally find that fewer x-rays will be needed.

A lot of patients worry about the safety aspect but the machines used by dentists are designed to minimize radiation, so the process is safe. More and more offices are turning to digital x-rays, which reduces radiation exposure even more. A lead apron will be placed on the patient to cover the abdominal area and a leaded collar will be used to protect the thyroid. These serve as added protection and are measures that are taken for additional safety.

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