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Dental anxiety is the fear of going to the dentist’s office, and it affects quite a lot of people.

Even though regular dental check-ups are an important part of maintaining healthy teeth and gums, some people just cannot get over their fear of the dentist. Routine check-ups will include a dental cleaning by a certified hygienist and a general check-up from your dentist. These check-ups might also include x-rays, or cavity fillings, or addressing any other issues that you need resolved in order to have a healthy mouth.

People can develop a phobia of the dentist for various reasons and experiences. These fears are quite common among the general population. If this describes you, then it is important that you find a dentist who you can trust and makes you feel comfortable. Being able to see a dentist regularly should be part of your annual health check-up routine.

What Causes A Fear Of The Dentist?
Dental phobia refers to anxiety a person feels when it comes to visiting the dentist, even for a simple check-up. This fearful person would rather deal with infections, pain and even broken teeth than go to the dentist. The ability to find the right dentist for you can help ease or even get rid of this fear.

Dental anxiety can be caused by any of the following:

  • Discomfort – most dental procedures can be uncomfortable, even if it is just a cleaning. Some people do not like having their mouths open for so long, and feel vulnerable. A good hygienist will allow you to take as many breaks as you need during your appointment, and you should not feel rushed.
  • Past experience – anyone who has had negative experiences in the past, like pain or an inattentive dentist, is more likely to develop dental anxiety in future dental check-ups.
  • Fear of needles – sometimes, injections are used in order to numb and prepare the mouth for certain dental procedures. For those who have a fear of needles, this can lead to dental anxiety.

How A Family Dentist Can Help You With Your Dental Anxiety
Dentists who are specialized in being family dentists are great at dealing with clients of all ages. Many are able to make you feel comfortable because they have the experience. It is very important for people to become comfortable with the dentist at a young age in order to help prevent dental phobias in the future.

Everyone is different, and that goes the same for their dental needs. The kinds of issues children face are different than those of adults. A family dentist will be able to diagnose the problems of everyone in your family with no problems.

Because family dentists deal with everyone from kids to the elderly, they are able to relate to scared patients no matter what age they are. Family dentists understand how to deal with this fear.

If you experience dental anxiety, contact our family dentists at Dentistry in Newmarket. We can help you overcome your dental fears and get you on track to maintaining a healthy smile.