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Pregnancy requires you to take proper care of your health to ensure the health of your baby. From eating well, getting sufficient sleep and plenty of rest, there’s a lot to consider and oral health is one of them. Pregnancy can increase hormonal changes which put you at a higher risk of developing periodontitis. Gum disease can negatively affect the baby, which is why it’s imperative to maintain optimal oral health.

In this article, Dentistry In Newmarket breaks down the essential tips to help you maintain good dental health during your pregnancy.

Why Oral Health Maintenance Is Important

It’s of vital importance to maintain proper oral health care during pregnancy for these reasons:

  • Hormonal changes can impact gum health and cause them to become inflamed, more sensitive and red. This is known as gum disease or “pregnancy gingivitis.”
  • Gingivitis can lead to the development of periodontitis.
  • Poor oral health can affect a baby’s development and place them at a greater risk of developing developmental problems such as asthma and ear infections.

Oral Health Care While Pregnant

The following tips are key to ensure proper oral health maintenance while pregnant:

  • Inform your dentist in Newmarket if you are pregnant. All elective dental treatments need to be postponed over the duration of the pregnancy until after delivery.
  • Dental X-rays can be done while you’re pregnant. Our dentist will always use meticulous caution to ensure your safety as well as the baby by shielding your thyroid and abdomen area.
  • Ensure you’re brushing twice daily for two minutes each time and flossing daily as well.
  • Drink water during and between meals and snacks and avoid drinking sweet beverages.
  • Do not neglect dental checkups and cleanings during pregnancy. Periodontal exams are crucial during this transformative period because you’re at an increased risk of developing oral health disease. If you experience any tenderness, inflammation in the gums or bleedings, inform our emergency dentist in Newmarket promptly.
  • Avoid eating unhealthy foods while pregnant, especially sticky and sweet treats that may stick to your teeth and cause plaque to develop.

Keep Your Baby’s Teeth Healthy After Delivery

Baby’s teeth are actually fully formed when they are born, however, they’re not visible because the gums cover the teeth. Continue taking care of your oral health and the baby’s after delivery to prevent bacteria development. To prevent passing bacteria onto the teeth and gums of your baby, follow these tips:

  • Brush and floss daily and rinse with mouthwash.
  • Use a different spoon when testing the baby’s food and do not share toothbrushes.
  • Clean pacifiers with warm water and soap.
  • Visit the dentist twice yearly.

Dentistry In Newmarket is committed to providing effective dentistry services for children and mothers alike! We make it our priority to ensure your child is comfortable and at ease while we apply comprehensive care on their pearly whites and gums. Start your child off on the right foot when it comes to oral health. Schedule an appointment with us for service at https://www.dentistryinnewmarket.ca/site/contact-newmarket-dentist.