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Patients of all ages need to visit the dentist. Children, adults and seniors need to visit the dentist regularly because this is the only way to maintain healthy gums and teeth. Adults know the importance of brushing and flossing on a daily basis, and while this is something you must do every day, it does not exclude you from having to see a dentist.

Regular check-ups will ensure there are no problems with your oral health, and professional cleanings will allow you to show off your beautiful smile. Your dentist will be able to detect problems early on and will provide the necessary treatment, which is something you cannot do at home. Some dental problems are not visible to the untrained eye, so there may be a problem even if you don’t feel any symptoms. Your dentist will monitor your mouth and will note any changes to ensure there are no problems.

It is generally recommended that adults visit the dentist twice a year, although you may have to go more often if there are any problems. Your dentist will discuss how often you should get dental check-ups based on your unique situation, as every patient is different. Your oral hygiene, habits and individual medical conditions will dictate how often you should go to the dentist, and these aspects will be discussed during your appointment. Adults with gum disease, weak immune responses and diabetes will likely have to visit the dentist more than twice a year, as will smokers and those who are prone to cavities and plaque build-up because there is a greater risk of dental disease in these situations.

The importance of visiting a dentist cannot be emphasized enough, and even if you brush and floss daily, you still have to visit your dentist regularly because they have the knowledge to detect problems that you will not be able to see or feel on your own. The reality is that cavities and gum disease are not visible or painful until they’re advanced, so you need to visit your dentist, and the sooner they detect a problem, the more easily it can be treated, so you can avoid discomfort and expensive bills as a result of regular visits.

Maintaining good oral hygiene will help you keep your dentist appointments to a minimum, so continue to brush and floss your teeth twice a day. If your dentist does not spot signs of gingivitis or cavities for an extended period of time, they will recommend that you continue to visit them just twice a year, but if they see any issues, they may ask you to come more often.

Adults are expected to take very good care of their teeth, and Dentistry in Newmarket will help you maintain your beautiful and healthy smile. Contact us today to book an appointment!