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Genetics are all-powerful, influencing everything from eye colour to the way you communicate with others. Genetic makeup can make individuals predisposition to certain health conditions and diseases. Does this include oral health issues as well? It can. It may be surprising to learn that oral health issues can, in fact, be hereditary. That means that some people may be at a higher risk of developing certain oral health diseases and conditions, despite how optimal your oral hygiene is.

Read on to discover what parts of your oral health you can control and learn more about the connection between genetics and oral health.

Genetics and Cavities

Genetics can play a significant role in developing cavities as there is some genetic disposition to certain bacteria in teeth. As bacteria cause cavities, genetics can influence tooth enamel strength and how much saliva you produce to eliminate bacteria. If your parents seem to develop cavities fairly often, it’s important to consult with our Newmarket dentist about how you can protect your teeth from cavities. However, it’s more likely that cavities will develop based on environmental factors over genetics.

Genetics and Gum Disease

Gum disease causes sensitive and swollen gums when left untreated and can cause tooth loss. Periodontitis is an inflammatory oral health condition that develops as a result of genetics as well as lifestyle and environmental factors. The primary cause of gum disease is oral health neglect or lack of effective oral health care. Almost half of adults have gum disease and genetics can play a role in periodontitis predisposition. Ensure you mention any gum disease symptoms to our dentist in Newmarket to determine a plan to protect teeth and gums.

Genetics and Tooth Misalignment

Many young adults and adults need braces at some point in their lives to correct tooth misalignment. Genetics plays a vital role in influencing the size of teeth as well as the jaw size. If the jaw does not have enough room to comfortably host a full set of teeth, crowding, gaps, underbites and overbites can form. If your family has a history of tooth misalignments, ensure you inform our dental hygienists and even ask about alignment options, such as Invisalign, inlays and onlays.

Genetics and Oral Cancer

Unfortunately, oral cancer is rather common and affects thousands of Canadians each year. Lifestyle and environmental factors can play a role in the development of oral cancer, such as smoking tobacco and excessive drinking. However, genetics can also play a role as individuals with specific genetic markers have been found to have an increased risk of developing oral cancer. Oral cancer can be screened during a dental visit to examine for signs of cancer lesions in their early stages.

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