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Most people will need to remove their wisdom teeth, and the thought of surgery is dreadful for many. The good news is that you don’t need to worry because the following tips will not only prevent potential side effects but will also allow for a speedy wisdom tooth extraction recovery:

Bite Down on a Gauze Pad

Doing this gently will stop the bleeding in the extraction site and will also help form blood clots in your gums, which are vital to your recovery. These clots will protect the exposed bone and wound from infection, but you must do this gently; otherwise, your wound can reopen. You may have to bite down on the pad for several minutes until the bleeding stops.

Apply Ice

Icing your jaw and cheek will provide you with pain relief, and this step will help ease any bruising and swelling that can occur as a result of your surgery. Place an ice pack on the side of the extraction site for about 10-15 minutes and allow your face to rest for about 20 minutes before you ice it again. It is recommended that you do this for the first 36 to 48 hours after the procedure.

Make Sure You Listen to Your Dentist’s Recommendations

Advil may be enough for some patients, although this will depend on your pain tolerance, and some patients will require a stronger prescription for pain relief. In these cases, it is a must that you follow your dentist’s pain medication prescription, and if they think you need antibiotics, you must take these as well, as it will help prevent infections. Even if you notice that the swelling has gone down, you should still complete the prescribed dosage, as stopping your treatment too soon can cause the bacteria in your mouth to linger.

Clean Your Mouth

You may be allowed to brush your teeth on the same night of your surgery, and if your dentist gives you the green light, make sure you are very gentle when brushing the area closest to the extraction site. This will prevent the blood clot from becoming dislodged. You will also be able to rinse your mouth the day after the surgery, and you must use warm salt water for this step, which should be done at least five times a day.

Eat Soft Foods

A nutritious diet is a must because these meals will help ease swelling and will reduce the risks of complications. Your wound will require you to eat soft foods that are easy to chew, and this can include blended soups, mashed vegetables, avocados and broths.

Get Rest

While you can resume your usual activities after your procedure, it’s important that you rest as much as you can, as this will help your body heal faster. The right amount of sleep will help reduce swelling, and this is especially important right after your surgery.

Wisdom tooth extraction does not have to be scary, and the experts at Dentistry in Newmarket will provide you with more information. Whether you need an emergency dentist or a family dentist, we can help, so contact our dental clinic today!