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Most people will have to get their wisdom teeth removed, although not everyone is sure when to go ahead with this procedure.

Wisdom teeth are molars that grow early on but they are unnecessary because of modern oral care and hygiene. When wisdom teeth emerge, they can shift the alignment of your teeth and jaw and can impact them negatively. Regular check-ups with your dentist are a must because they can monitor the development of your wisdom teeth and tell you when you need to remove them, but there are also signs that can help you determine this information on your own, so make sure to look out for the following:

Sensitivity and pain

These are obvious signs that you need to have your wisdom teeth removed, especially if the pain is in the back of your mouth. You can experience sensitivity while brushing your teeth, eating or doing nothing at all and this can lead to pain and throbbing, so if you feel any of these, it is definitely time to schedule an appointment with your dentist.

Inflammation around your gums

Swollen or reddish areas along the gum line can be signs that your wisdom teeth need to be removed. Inflammation often occurs whenever the wisdom teeth start to emerge and can feel sore to the touch. This can also make it very difficult to clean properly while brushing your teeth, so you definitely need to see your dentist.

Cysts in your mouth

Cysts can develop in your mouth if you ignore your wisdom teeth for too long. This is a serious problem because cysts can damage the roots of neighbouring teeth and impact your entire mouth negatively, so you need to schedule an appointment with your dentist if you see any signs that are concerning to prevent cysts from developing.

Pain in your jaw

Wisdom teeth can shift your other teeth and your jawline, and you may experience stiffness and pain around your jaw as a result. If you feel limited when opening or moving your mouth, it is a sign that your wisdom teeth need to be looked at and it is better to do this sooner than later to prevent your teeth and jawline from shifting.

Sinus issues

A lot of people do not associate this problem with dental issues but the reality is that they are connected. Sinus issues can be linked to your wisdom teeth, so if you experience congestion, pressure or pain with your sinuses, it may be an indication that your wisdom teeth need to be removed.

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