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Many people suffer from a phobia of dentists, especially because of cavities and tooth decay and the pain that comes with their discovery. So something like a root canal might make those who are afraid even more.

Root canals might sound scary to the untrained ear, but they are actually a very easy and straightforward procedure. They are recommended as a treatment for teeth that are damaged by cavities, trauma or abscesses. So why are people so afraid of it?

It is mostly because it sounds like a painful and invasive surgery, which addresses your sensitive nerves at the root of your teeth. I am sure we all know the feeling of tooth sensitivity when eating hot or cold food. What you should understand is that a root canal serves as a preventative treatment to save infected teeth and protects them from becoming more damaged and will prevent even worse pain in the future.

If your dentist is recommending a root canal, you should not be afraid. And here is why:

A Root Canal Procedure is Simple

A root canal is a simple procedure that involves anaesthetic, so you most likely will not feel a thing. It involves drilling a tiny hole through your tooth to access the infected pulp at its core. It will then be removed using a suction tool to remove the bacteria-filled fluid and infected pulp. The pulp is then replaced by gutta-percha, which will prepare the tooth for a filling. This will strengthen your crown as well as prevent any further infection.

A Root Canal is Similar to Getting a Filling

Since the last step of a root canal is practically a filling to strengthen it, it is a lot like getting your cavity filled. This serves as a solution for restoring your tooth’s appearance and function and will prevent any further bacterial infection.

Just think of your root canal as a cavity treatment. One which has been delayed for a very long time, and has led to an infection at your tooth’s root. The root canal is the first step in cleaning the area and preparing it for the filling.

Root Canals Typically Take Only One Appointment

Many people think the word “surgery” entails several appointments, but this is not the case for a root canal. While it may take a few hours, it can be completed in only one visit. It does not take multiple stages that span across many appointments like a major surgery. Not unless it is a very severe case.

Root Canals Do Not Cause a Lot of Pain

The term root canal might sound painful, but thanks to modern medicine, the anaesthesia administered will make the whole thing pretty painless. Most of the discomfort comes during the recovery, once the numbing subsides. Other than that, you should be able to carry on the next day as if nothing happened.

While it is perfectly normal to be nervous about a surgery, you do not have a lot to fear when it comes to a root canal. Especially if you take the time to talk to your dentist at Dentistry in Newmarket!