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Wisdom teeth need to be removed because most of the time they do not grow correctly and can cause dental issues as a result. Your wisdom teeth do not need to be removed if they are healthy, are fully erupted, positioned correctly, and can be cleaned easily. Unfortunately, most people’s wisdom teeth do not grow in perfectly, which is why it is recommended to get them removed before they come through. Here some common issues that can develop if you do not remove your wisdom teeth:

Grow Incorrectly

Wisdom teeth are the last type of teeth to grow in your mouth. If there is not enough room to accommodate them, your mouth can become overcrowded, and your wisdom teeth will grow in at awkward angles. Some may even grow in horizontally. There is no procedure to make crowded teeth fit in a mouth that is too small for them. Your only option is to have them removed. A dentist can tell which teeth have room to come through, but they may have to remove all of your wisdom teeth depending on the size of your teeth in relation to your mouth. If you do get them all removed, you will have 28 teeth in your mouth instead of 32.

Irritation and Pain

Growing wisdom teeth can cause discomfort in your mouth. It is the same reason babies cry when their first teeth come through. A dentist can determine whether the pain you feel in your mouth is from growing wisdom teeth or something else. They can decide whether extraction needs to be done or not.

Difficulty Eating

You might experience pain while you eat if you do not have your wisdom teeth removed. Food can get stuck between teeth and your gum line, which can cause discomfort.

Cyst Formation

Cysts form in your mouth when the skin that is near your teeth fills with fluid. If it is untreated, it can destroy the root canal of your teeth and even your bones. Sever cysts can turn into tumours that require surgery. A cyst can form when your teeth hit the sides of your mouth repeatedly, irritating it.

Crooked Teeth

When wisdom teeth grow in at irregular angles, they can shift your other teeth. This can cause your smile to look uneven and damage your other teeth. Wisdom teeth grow in crooked so often because most people’s mouths are not large enough to accommodate the third molar. Having them removed before they start coming through will keep your other teeth from being harmed.

Sinus Issues

When wisdom teeth grow on your upper jaw, their roots can push and rub against your sinuses and put pressure on them. This is not a common issue but the chances of it happening increases when you do not get your wisdom teeth removed. Sinus pain can cause headaches, pressure buildup, and congestion.


It can be difficult to clean teeth in the very back of your mouth properly. Even if you can get your toothbrush back there, it will likely be too difficult to floss. This is lead to plaque formation, which leads to cavities that can affect even more teeth.

Only a dentist can tell if you need to have your wisdom teeth removed. Talk to one of our professionals at Dentistry in Newmarket and save yourself from experiencing any of these discomforts.


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