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Dental emergencies have to be addressed right away because, in some cases, the problem can be taken care of. Waiting too long can lead to excruciating pain and further problems in your mouth, so you need to contact an emergency dentist immediately so that your problem can be treated.

Knowing the different types of dental emergencies will allow you to be prepared, and the following are the most common problems people face:

Losing a Filling or Crown
If you have a filling, normal wear and tear can cause it to fall out. This is something you need to treat because it can be a sign that there may be another cavity in your tooth. Additionally, if you lose your filling or crown, temperature sensitivity and deterioration may occur, so you cannot take this situation lightly. If this happens, you need to rinse your mouth out with warm water and fill your cavity with cotton wool or a specific dental product until you see your dentist.

This is a clear indication that something is wrong and your body is trying to tell you that there is a problem. Infected gums, tooth decay, exposed roots, tooth abscess or another issue can lead to a toothache, and a cold cloth or ice pack will help alleviate the pain. Medication is available, but this is not a permanent solution, even if you find that applying it to your gum line below the tooth helps. You should contact your dentist right away for a suitable treatment because the wrong products or waiting can inflame the gum and cause more problems for your tooth that is already infected.

Chipping or Breaking a Tooth
This is a very serious dental emergency, and it is very important that you try to save your broken or chipped tooth. Schedule a dental appointment right away so that your dentist can determine whether or not your tooth is salvageable. If this is not a possibility, they will discuss different options like implants or dental bridges and will provide you with details regarding the next best step.

Knocked-out Tooth
If you completely knock a tooth out of your mouth, you have to save it, which you can do by putting it into a sealed container filled with saltwater or milk. If you can get to an emergency dentist within an hour of the incident, your tooth can likely be saved, so head to a clinic right away.

Broken Jaw
This can have severe implications on your breathing and eating capabilities, so you will need medical attention right away. Even if this does not affect your teeth, its effects can be devastating, so you need to seek help immediately.

If you ever experience any of these dental emergencies, Dentistry in Newmarket can help. Our dentists will treat your problem and will eliminate your pain, so if you are in Newmarket, contact us today!