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Have you bit down on something hard and felt a sharp pain that vanished quickly? It may seem minor and that nothing came of it, however, you might have been left with a hairline tooth fracture. This fracture, also known as a cracked tooth, is a small crack in the tooth that is also the leading cause of tooth loss. Don’t let this make you nervous, Dentistry in Newmarket is here to help you prevent pesky cracks from happening!

Crack down on cracked teeth, and check out our blog on everything you need to know about hairline tooth fractures and how to prevent them.

What Exactly Is A Hairline Tooth Fracture?

A hairline tooth fracture is a crack in your tooth that can occur from chewing on semi hard to hard foods, grinding your teeth or happen naturally with age.

What are the common types of hairline tooth fractures?
●     Craze Lines: This type of fracture is often extremely small and located in the enamel of one’s teeth. They do not trigger any pain in the individual and do not require any procedures.

●     Vertical Crack: This crack runs vertically up and down the tooth’s structure. If the fracture does not extend to the gum line, there is a better chance for the tooth to be restored. However, a crack that extends to the gum line is a vertical root fracture, and will need to be extracted.

●     Split Tooth: A split fracture in the tooth separates the tooth’s structure into two different parts. The crack extends below the gum line from the surface and it is highly unlikely that the tooth can be conserved.

●     Fractured Cusp: This crack occurs around the one’s dental filling and usually does not affect the tooth’s center where the nerves, tissues and blood vessels are located. As it does not irritate the tooth’s pulp, the crack usually doesn’t cause significant amounts of pain.

Signs You May Have A Cracked Tooth

Similar to other oral hygiene issues, not every cracked tooth will produce symptoms. However, experiencing any of the following symptoms may indicate that you have a hairline tooth fracture:

●     Pain that occurs every time you bite down or chew and when you release your jaw.

●     Evident sensitivity to changing climates from hot to cold or sweating.

●     Swollen gums surrounding the cracked tooth area.

●     Pain that is sporadic.

How To Determine You Have A Cracked Tooth

Detecting a hairline tooth fracture on your own can be difficult, which is why you should visit Dentistry In Newmarket if you are experiencing the previously listed symptoms. Here are two examples of how we may diagnose a cracked tooth:

●     Visual Dental Examination: Cracks that are not visible to the naked eye can be detected by our professional dental hygienist with a magnifying lens.

●     Dental Dye: This can make the crack more evident to our dentist.

We are dedicated to healthy smiles at Dentistry in Newmarket, which is why it’s our priority to correct any crack affecting your pearly whites! Call us to book an appointment for or use our online form and we’ll contact you promptly!