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If you hate going to the dentist, you are not alone and the thought causes a number of people to experience anxiety. A lot of people are scared to visit their dentist, and for some, the fear is so great that they do not even attend their appointment, despite being in pain. If this is something you struggle with, you can consider sedation dentistry, which can help you relax and may decrease your anxiety.

Dental anxiety can be caused by a traumatic experience in the past, the fear of dental tools in your mouth or the fear of pain, but there does not always have to be an exact cause and some people are scared to go to the dentist for no reason at all. Regardless of your situation, sedation dentistry can help and is very safe and effective. It can put you in a relaxed state so that you are calm and may make you feel less anxious so that you can go through with your appointment. You should feel more comfortable as a result and will be able to receive the treatment or care that you require.

There are different types of sedation dentistry, and it is important to note that this option is different from the general anesthetic used for major surgeries because you will not be completely unconscious. With sedation dentistry, you may drift into a gentle sleep, although this depends on the sedation option you choose. Nitrous oxide, often referred to as laughing gas, is one option you can consider and is inhaled through a mask. It can make you feel relaxed; however, you may still be alert and because you will likely be awake, you will be able to communicate with your dentist throughout your appointment. This is a popular option because it wears off fast and most patients are able to drive themselves home. Nitrous oxide is effective for those who have mild dental anxiety.

Another option you can consider is oral sedation. This is a pill that is taken before your appointment to make you feel calm and a little drowsy. It can cause some patients to fall asleep and they may not remember most of the appointments as a result. If you do happen to fall asleep, your dentist can easily wake you up when it is time.

If you are interested in this type of dentistry, you need to find a dentist who can offer you sedation options. You will have to discuss your concerns and your fears so that together you can decide on the type of sedation that would be most suitable for you. The answer will depend on the severity of your anxiety and the type of treatment you need and Dentistry in Newmarket will gladly discuss this topic with you. Whether you need an emergency dentist or sleep dentistry, our reputable team of family dentists can help, so give our office a call today!