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COVID-19 Policy

COVID-19 Updated Safety Measures

Thank you for your understanding as we work towards this “new normal” in terms of dental office protocols and approaches to patient care.

At Dentistry in Newmarket, we have implemented enhanced safety precautions. We follow strict infection control protocols, and we appropriate personal protection equipment for each situation.

Please be assured we have placed enhanced safety protocols in place so your next visit is safe and comfortable. At Dentistry in Newmarket, your safety is our top priority!

We follow strict infection control protocols, and all the clinical team wear the appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for all dental procedures.

Prior to your dental appointment:

When visiting our office for an appointment, or accompanying a patient, it is required to complete a prescreening questionnaire at home before your appointment.

Prescreening is by email or text. If your prescreening form is not completed, your appointment may be delayed or cancelled.

We advise only on parent or guardian accompany for younger patients. Adult patients are advised to come unaccompanied, unless they require assistance.

What to expect at your next dental appointment?

Please arrive on time for your appointment.

Virtual Waiting Room: Please call us at (905) 853-8889 when you arrive at our parking lot before entering our office. We are going to advise you whether it is safe to enter or if you need to remain in your vehicle in order for us to ensure physical distancing measures are followed. We are going to contact you in your vehicle when it is safe to enter our office. You are going to be greeted at the front entry of our office by our Administrator.

Upon entering we ask you to use our hand sanitizer upon entering our office. Hand sanitizers are available at the front reception counter and throughout the office. You are also going to be asked to use our hand sanitizer upon leaving our office as well. We ask that you wear your own mask or face covering inside our office. If you do not have a mask, we are also going to provide you one.

We take your temperature with a touchless thermometer review with you the COVID-19 screening questions.

Please keep in mind that the appointment may be longer than usual due to the enhanced safety measures.

If you have any questions on your upcoming appointment, please feel free to contact us at (905) 853-8889 or [email protected]

What you see inside our office at your next dental appointment:

Closed operatory treatment rooms with doors have been installed for your protection.

Our waiting room is closed, as we now have a virtual waiting room.

Advanced Air Filtration: We have implemented enhanced Surgically Clean Air Purifiers the continuously clean the air throughout our office.